Your Chess Battle Plan

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Your Chess Battle Plan

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One of the most challenging tasks in a chess game is to find the correct strategy. It is far easy to attack too randomly, to miss a vital opportunity, or even choose the wrong plan altogether. These are all mistakes frequently seen by even quite strong players.

Your Chess Battle Plan focuses on how Magnus Carlsen and other great masters decide on the best strategy in a position and then find the right ways to implement it. Clear advice shows you how to hone in on the most relevant features of a position in order to decide what your general plan needs to be. Factors that are addressed include when to exchange pieces, when to make long-range manoeuvres, when to offer sacrifices and how to identify and focus on key squares. Your Chess Battle Plan will get you thinking along the right strategic lines and using your pieces and pawns in a much more efficient and skilful manner.

  • A complete self-improvement programme.
  • Advice to evaluate the current level of planning in your own games.
  • Utilizes a structured approach, making the most of your study time. 

Publishing February 2020 Europe, April 2020 US 9781781945285, $28.95/£18.99, 318 Pages

Neil McDonald became a grandmaster in 1996 and a FIDE trainer in 2017. He is a regular coach of the England Junior team at international events. Neil has written numerous books on openings, endgames, tactics and strategy as well as biographies of famous players. He lives in Gravesend in Kent, England.

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Your Chess Battle Plan

In Your Chess Battle Plan, you’ll learn how to:

♞ Utilize your pawns in the most effective way possible. Learn how to design pawn storms that initiate a crushing attack on the enemy king, use pawn majorities to create passed pawns to promote, and stop enemy pawns from upsetting your plans
♞ Sacrifice material to gain the initiative. GM McDonald shows you when it’s appropriate to give up a pawn or piece to gain a positional advantage that can be converted into a win
♞ Steer the direction of the middlegame through smart opening choices. You’ll learn how to get the type of middlegame you want by choosing the right moves early on
♞ Recover from an inferior position. It’s one of the traits of any strong player - knowing how to turn around a disadvantageous position and eek out a draw or even a win when possible

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