Chess Viewer 3 New Features

Chess Viewer 3

New Features

Note for a full list of features excluding these new additions, please see the main iOS Chess Viewer page.

now with super strong analysis engine

Chess Viewer now has an analysis engine integrated into its game viewer. It uses the Gull3 engine which ranks highly on the ComputerChess table with a rating of 3198 on a quad-core 64-bit processor. You can stop start the engine in any position whilst viewing a game.

improved split-screen interface and full screen display support

We have rebuilt the interface from the ground up to work with the latest Apple devices and added full screen support (double tap) as well as split-screen viewing for all devices. Single tap somewhere inactive on your screen to toggle in and out of Full Screen mode. You can mouse-over below to see the same effect.

Improved in-app book-store

Our in-app book-store now features quick-search, alphabetical browsing and showcases the latest,most popular titles making it much easier for you to find the book you want.

extra configuration options and bugfixes

We've done some tidying up in the background and there re two extra chess engine options in the settings. You can turn the engine off or have it starting manually only.