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Android App introduction video

Updates in v.1.1

We have released an incremental update to address some user feedback and some reported bugs.

Chess Viewer 1.1 Updates

Here is the lowdown:

Game info screen
We have removed this intermediate panel which was displayed prior to viewing a game or section, and it can now be accessed via the 'i' button in the top right-hand corner of the game screen. Although this is useful information a number of users felt that this slowed down the process of accessing the content they really wanted to see and we agreed with that.
Game Viewer buttons
These have now been moved above the games text from the bottom of the screen where some users pointed out that it obscured a little of the text. The text is no longer obscured although we may make further improvements to these controls.
We fixed a number of bugs based on some crash reports in Google and feedback. The one significant bug pointed out on Google Play was related to doubled-pawns. When they were on the 2nd and 3rd rank and front pawn advanced one square e.g. b3-b4 (often written just as b4) the rear pawn would move instead (illegally). Our app correctly interprets this notation now!

Getting Started

When you first launch the Chess Viewer app, you will see your book list, which includes free samples provided by Everyman.

ChessViewer Start Screen

You can immediately start browsing the free books by selecting one and selecting a section from the menu that appears (on the right as above with Tablets or on a new screen if using an Android phone). To build your library from Everyman's extensive collection, to add your own pgns, or to download from the web, read on.

Adding Everyman eBooks to your Library

Press 'BUY BOOKS' in the top right of your screen.

Everyman Play Book Store

You will see the full list of Everyman titles there together with accompanying information about each book.Once you have made your purchase it will automatically appear on the start screen from now on. Of course you may also purchase compatible eBooks from this website. If you wish do do so or already have some previously purchased compatible books on your computer, see below for simple instructions on adding to your inapp library.

Transferring Pgn files from your computer to your device

Connect your device to your computer, usually by USB cable. If you use a PC then Windows should automatically recognise your device. If you use a Mac, then you will probably need to use http://www.android.com/filetransfer/ which is a free download. Once you have this, you can drag and drop the files as below.

Transferring pgn files to your Android Device on a Mac

Note you should look for the Chess_Viewer folder on your device which should contain a mix of asset files and pgn files. Transfer your files directly into this folder.

For Windows machines you can follow the same process using Windows Explorer.

For Ubutnu or other Operating Systems you should use recommended software to transfer your files. There is a good article here http://askubuntu.com/questions/43086/how-to-transfer-files-from-to-an-android-device for Ubuntu users and plenty of options.

Once you haved transfered your files open the Chess Viewer app on your device and press 'IMPORT BOOKS' on the top right of your screen.

Import Books

Adding Pgn files from the web to your library

Using your device web browser and long-press the link to your chosen pgn file and select 'Copy link address' or words to that effect dependent on the specific browser you are using (in this case Chrome).

Press the three vertical dots in the top right and corner of your screen and select 'Add book'.

Select Add Book from the Settings Menu

In the popup box long-press the space and paste. Note you can use a url shortener such as tiny url first if you wish, but longer urls will be accepted just fine.

Entering a url into the Add book dialogue box

After this press Download and the pgn file will automatically appear in your library.

Adding pgn files from your device email

Simply press the pgn file in your email app and it will automatically open and import into Chess Viewer. Note if you have more than one pgn reader then you will see a pop-up such as the one below and again you can select Chess Viewer and choose between 'Always' or 'Just Once'.

Import pgn from email

Playing through a game and reading a book

Seclect your book and choose a game or a section from the menu. Note the screens are a little different dependent on whether you are using a Tablet or a Mobile device. Tablets additionally offer a Landscape view.

Viewing and Playing through a game

Above you see the first screen on the left which contains information about the players, date venue, result etc., but also the ECO code (official code to define the opening variation). All information available is provided here including a FEN (see FAQ below) where applicable. Pressing 'View Board' will give you the 2nd (game) screen where you can play through the moves using the arrows and read the text. There is also a 3rd screen, which is particularly useful for more verbose sections of the eBooks, where you can just read through the text and moves without the board. Pressing the back arrow or selecting any move with your finger will immediately move you back to the board in the corresponding position.

The controls and navigating a game

You can use the controls below to navigate.

Game controls

You can also swipe up and down through the text and press any individual move to jump to that position on the board. If you are using a Tablet then the 'Show text and moves only' is absent as there is enough space on the screen to comfortably read the book and view the board at all times. The below image shows a game from 'Attacking Chess: The French' by GM Simon Williams in landscape mode on a Nexus 7. The move highlighted in green signposts the current subvariation being displayed. Moves highlighted with a black background are main lines.

Game view in landscape mode

Variation trees

Chess Viewer supports navigation through complex variation trees in the author's analysis.

Select a variation

When you meet a new branch or branches you will be prompted to choose your line as above by pressing the relevant option. Note you can return to the beginning of any line by using the 'Back to 1st move of variation' control above. You can also come out of a variation and move to anywhere within the game by swiping up/down and pressing the move you wish to go to.


The Chess Viewer app has a powerful search feature enabling you to search for any book or games file in your libary from the start screen.

Searching your library

All fields will search any criteria covered in the game 'metadata' on the first screen higher up on this page (Playing through a game and reading a book). You can search by eco code (above D31 is a variation of the Queens Gambit declined). You can also search by Player or Book Title for more quickly refined results. Note the app returns updated results as you type (see 'Kas' above).

Removing files

If you wish to remove any games files or books in your libary, this can be done easily by long-pressing the intended item an pressing the 'remove' popup as below.

Remove a games file or book


Chess Viewer supports four simple board colour themes.

Change the board colour

Press the 3 vertical dots for app settings and select 'Settings' to switch theme. Below is the Orange theme on a 10' Android tablet.

Orange theme Leko Aronian


Which chess file formats do you support?
Currently we exclusively support pgn - the universally adopted standard for chess games files http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Game_Notation
I use audio to assist me playing through your eBooks, which is easy when the games start on move one, but for your middle and endgame books how can I access the initial position?
Wherever possible we use FEN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forsyth-Edwards_Notation for starting positions not on move 1 and this is surfaced in the app
Why can't I see results for my search?
If this happens unexpectedly, simply press the back arrow at the bottom of your device's screen and this shoudl refresh the search and give you results
I have imported my Everyman books but the covers are not shown?
Press the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen to get app settings and select 'Check for Book Covers' - this will automatically update them for you
What happens if I don't see my inapp purchases in my library?
Go back to the inapp store and press 'Check Purchases' - any prior purchases not present in your library will be downloaded
Have a question not answered here or above?
Email us on info@everymanchess.com