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Surprise in Chess

All chess players know the impact of a surprising move in a game of chess. The victim is disoriented and often blunders in reply, while the player landing the surprise feels invigorated, lusting for the battle ahead. It is thus quite a surprise in itself that this is the first book devoted to this important practical aspect of chess psychology. Avni, a highly experienced and respected chess writer, provides a detailed understanding of the many ways of surprising the opponent. This is far more than a list of tips for how to find startling moves. Avni explains a whole theory of surprise, which the reader can absorb and make a fundamental part of his approach to chess. The book includes games where surprise played a major role, annotated by Grandmasters Ronen Har-Zvi, Gad Rechlis, Eran Liss, Ilan Manor, Ram Soffer and International master Artur Kogan.

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