Everything You Need to Know About Gambit Play

Everything You Need to Know About Gambit Play

Publishing: January 2020 Europe,  February 2020 US

9781781945018,  $27.95/£18.99, 354 Pages.


Two great books from the Everyman Chess Library, Gambit Busters by Sam Collins and Gambit Play by Angus Dunnington, brought together in one volume.

We have all experienced nasty gambits and ultra aggressive opening play. It’s scary and it’s always been difficult to find good, practical advice on how to react. Now, hover, help is at hand.

In Gambit Busters, Sam Collins tackles the important subject of gambit play and gambit defence. He explores in depth the basic approaches, the typical mistakes made at all levels and explains how to avoid them. He also examines the techniques used by world-class players to defend and counterattack, and explains how you can learn from them. In addition, he covers some key theory of many popular gambits in modern chess.

In Gambit Play, Angus Dunnington takes an in-depth look at gambits in the modern game. By using illustrative examples, he explores the key aspects of successful gambit play, whilst also underlining the reasons why some gambits work whilst others flounder.