Version 4 Now With Stockfish Analysis

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New In Version 4

All the Latest Ebooks

Now completely up-to-date in-App eBooks store with all the latest Everyman Chess eBooks

Stockfish Engine Analysis

Check the lines and positions in our eBooks and your pgns with the powerful Stockfish Engine,

Import your own PGNS

Use iTunes or Finder File Sharing to import your own files or backup your pgn and you can import directly from web by url.

How to add eBooks and pgn files to your Chess Viewer Library

The iOS in-App Store
Thanks to recent updates we will now have all the latest eBooks available for in-app purchase. Open the in-app store in chess viewer select and purchase your desired eBook(s) and they will automatically appear in your library. 

eBooks purchased on the Everyman Chess website or your own pgn files
The simplest way to do this is to connect your device (iPhone or iPad) to your Mac or PC and open iTunes. If you do not have this installed you can get it free on the Mac or Windows App store. Once you have connected your device, you will see File Sharing as an option on the left and Chess Viewer in the Apps list. Click Chess Viewer, You will then be able to browse and add your chosen eBook/pgn to the Chess Viewer. It should automatically appear in your library. If Chess Viewer is already open on your device you may need to close and re-open it. 

Add file to Chess Viewer using file sharing
Newer Macs
In more recent versions of macOS the process has been simplified and you can use Finder to share / export / import files to Chess Viewer. 
New macOS File Sharing

Live from a website
Right-click and copy the link to the pgn file you wish to and then paste the url using the Add pgn link on the top right of the home screen. Paste the link there and download the file to your device. 

Import file to Chess Viewer by url

Exporting and Backing Up

If you back up your device using iTunes or iCloud then your saved and purchased eBooks and pgns will be available when you restore. However if you wish to use these files on another device or desktop app such as ChessBase, or do not use this backup feature then the File Sharing feature (see above) in iTunes allows you to save any files in the Chess Viewer Library directly to the device you are connected to (pc or mac usually).

Export and save Chess Viewer files.

Restoring Purchases
If you know what you have purchased before and wish to restore (i.e. no backup available) you can do this via the in-app store. Search for the eBook(s) you want and you will be able to restore them free of charge. If you have made many purchase and do not have the names of the eBooks you bought, and cannot restore all, see this guidance from Apple to see your purchase history. If you contact us with this list we can send you the eBooks - or simply search for these titles in the inapp store and restore.

If you have since changed your iCloud Account and use a new one, please contact us with proof of purchase and we can send you the eBooks directly.

Playing through a game

You can tab forwards or backwards through the games and where there are variations and sub-variations, you will be prompted to select them. You can also press any individual move to jump to that position.

Split view or Reading only view
You can swipe between Board view which contains both the moves and the chess board or reading only view if you would like to read the eBook. Swiping left and right toggles these views. The default is the Split View.
Reading View

Split View

Game info (players opening etc.) is available by clicking the top right 'i' icon.

Using the engine

Chess Viewer now has Stockfish Chess Engine for analysis. By default this is switched on, but you can turn it on and off in the settings or when playing through a game by pressing the play button in the top right-hand corner.


All of your Bookmarks are stored in the app and can be saved by pressing the bookmark icon at the bottom whilst viewing a game.


Clicking the Settings link on the homepage will offer you options to change colours and set defaults such as Engine Analysis above. 

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