Chess for Rookies : Learn to Play, Win and Enjoy!

Chess for Rookies : Learn to Play, Win and Enjoy!

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Chess for Rookies is a fun-to-read, leisurely, yet well-paced guide.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the game, Craig Pritchett takes the beginner on a journey through the crucial basics. Mixing instruction and good humour, this book is an ideal way to learn how to play and win at chess.

  • Learn about the chessboard and how the pieces move
  • Grasp the relative strengths of the chessboard forces
  • Master basic chess tactics and strategies
  • Get on top of trickier ideas such as castling and en passant
  • Realize when to attack or defend
  • Develop your opening, middlegame and endgame skills
  • Learn how to use your computer to enhance skills
  • Discover where best to play and enjoy chess

And after all that, be ready to play, win and enjoy!

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