Art of Attack in Chess

Art of Attack in Chess

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One of the finest chess books ever written, now in the revised algebraic edition. The author expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king. A study of this masterpiece will add power and brilliance to any chess enthusiast's play. 

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MoveTrainer™ Tactics/Strategy course by Everyman Chess & IM Vukovic and presented by GM Simon Williams

Vladimir Vuković's iconic course is concerned primarily with teaching you one thing: attacking the opponent's castled King.

It is a masterpiece in clear, precise instructions on how to bring the house crashing down, edited by GM John Nunn and given a thorough engine-check for 2020 by Chessable's FM Kamil Plichta. It is designed to train the tactical problems Vuković presents so you learn them motifs fast.

Now we've added GM Williams into the mix. After all, who better to teach it than the "GingerGM"?

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