• Tactical Training in the Endgame - going to print next week

    Copies will arrive in our UK warehouse early July.
  • The French Defence: Move by Move - EBOOK OUT NOW!

    The French Defence: Move by Move by Damian Lemos is now available as an ebook from our website. You receive the cbv, pgn AND epub versions for just...
  • First review of Play the Budapest Gambit is in!

    "... In summary, play the Budapest Gambit is a comprehensive look at the main line and the Fajarowicz Gambit in a refreshingly objective way. The w...
  • Play the Budapest Gambit - now shipping to UK and European retailers

    Copies have arrived in our warehouse yesterday and are now shipping. Full details and an extract can be found here: Play the Budapest Gambit
  • Play the Budapest Gambit arriving in warehouse next week

    Copies of Play the Budapest Gambit by Andrew Martin will arrive in our UK warehouse next week and will begin shipping out retailers immediately. Co...
  • Very positive review of Opening Repertoire: The Iron English on BCN

    "In summary, this book is a major piece of work by Richard Palliser and Simon Williams that adds considerable material to the increasingly popular ...
  • Preparing our next book for the printers...

    Our next title to go to print will be Play the Budapest Gambit by Andrew Martin. Full details, and an extract,  here:
  • pgn sample of Attack! now available

    You can now download a pgn sample of Attack! by Neil McDonald HERE. Full pgn & cbv versions available on our site soon.
  • Attack! by Neil McDonald releasing soon

    Copies will soon begin shipping out from our UK distributor to retailers.Full details here:
  • Opening Repertoire: The Iron English

    Delighted to announce the ebook is now available on our site. Don't forget, you get the cbv, pgn & epub versions all for the one price on our w...
  • The French Defence: Move by Move - now shipping!

    Copies of this brand new book by Damian Lemos have begun shipping out from UK distributor to all UK and European retailers. Full details HERE
  • Extract of 'Attack! : The Subtle Art of Winning Brilliantly' now available

    Full details of this April publication now available on our website HERE